Sensory Seminar:

Flavor in Wine:
What is it and how do you talk about it?

Specifically designed wine seminars for industry professionals who taste, evaluate and talk about wine:

  • Wine Merchants
  • Restaurants
  • Distributors

Tasting demonstrations pull apart the senses of taste, smell and mouthfeel making it possible to see the contribution each makes to a wine’s flavor. Instead of memorizing facts about a wine, this wine seminar focuses on the sensory experience:

  • The physiology of how we taste.
  • The psychology of how we respond to a wine.
  • The inherent difficulties in describing what we are tasting because of how the brain is wired.

This type of wine seminar has never been done before: Merging the worlds of sensory science, psychology and neuroscience 101 with wine tasting.

Led by Jordan Ross

After graduating from the University of California at Davis School of Enology and Viticulture in 1989, Jordan has spent the last 15 years tasting, traveling to vineyards, talking to winemakers, writing and selling wine to the trade.


  • An appreciation for the highly individual responses to tastes and aromas.
  • Better understand what you are experiencing, enhancing your ability to talk about a wine.
  • Increased credibility with your customers and increased sales


“The wine seminar was one of the most enlightening in my twenty year career of tasting and selecting wine for restaurants. Jordan describes the tasting experience in an unpretentious style without the technical terms that are often a turnoff to the novice learning about wine. It was a great tool for my staff in helping them to describe the way wine tastes to our customers.”

David Gordon, Wine Director, Tribeca Grill, New York City

“The wine tasting was fantastic. The blind tasting superb—I look forward to many more. We will keep you busy this year. You are so unique. We love your passion for wine, your charm for educating, and your humbleness overall make of you a true mentor for us in this business.

With much gratitude, Alfredo Jara
Assistance General Manager, Burning Tree Country Club, Greenwich CT

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